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Our Services

  • Examination and consultation

This initial visit will review your periodontal health. This includes a review of your health history, medications, your bite and an oral cancer screening. We will provide you with comprehensive soft tissue probing, recession measurements, mobility, overall tissue color and consistency. Radiographs may be taken as needed to help us with your diagnosis.

  • Osseous regenerative therapy

With periodontal disease, bone loss and irregularities will result. Osseous regenerative therapy will rebuild the lost contours and improve your daily access for maintenance. This therapy will involve bone reshaping and the use of bone grafts and regenerative membranes which enhance the regrowth of the bone.

  • Soft tissue augmentation

Soft tissue trauma and thin tissues often result in recession and root exposure. When this happens we can add or graft soft tissue to increase the thickness of the soft tissue and cover some of the exposed roots. This can be done with autogenous (from yourself) or allograft (from another source) grafts.

  • Biopsy

 Irregular tissue shapes, colors or textures often need evaluation. Biopsies or removal of the lesion and subsequent histological evaluation can be provided.

  • Clinical Crown Lengthening

When a tooth is not restorable due to the lack of sound tooth structure we can replicate the surrounding architecture and give the restoring dentist more usable tooth for a better restoration. This is done by both soft tissue and bone reduction.

  • Implant therapy

Implants are an option for replacing missing teeth. It is an alternative treatment to traditional dentistry of bridges, partials and dentures.

  • Periodontal Maintenance

Once we have achieved stability in your periodontal condition, the key to health is maintenance. We will place you on a custom recall schedule that best suits your diagnosis and that will keep your disease under control.


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  • LANAP Laser Therapy (new to our office in 2014)

Traditional periodontal therapy often involves cutting the tissues with a blade. We now have the option for laser therapy which reduces the healing time and the discomfort post-operatively. It reduces post-operative bleeding and can also eliminate the need for sutures. We are certified and authorized in this new procedure.

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