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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Happy Summer!

A good Review: The head is connected to the body! The periodontal systemic link is valid. Periodontal disease is connected to many systemic diseases. Many links you have been aware of since this has been published, however, newer links are now being discovered.

Periodontal disease is linked to:

Cardiovascular disease

Cerebral vascular disease


Pre-term labor


Blood cancers

Pancreatic cancer

Rheumatoid arthritis

Breast cancer

Alzheimer’s disease

Pulmonary disease

Erectile dysfunction

The reason is due to the chronic inflammatory nature of periodontal disease and the bacterial pools present. In the most recent study, 96% of 53 brain samples demonstrated P. Gingivalis in the brain tissues of those with symptoms and pathology for Alzheimer’s.

Good oral hygiene with regular dental visits is necessary to maintain a sound mind and body!

Another hot topic is perio-implantitis. Often patients believe that an implant is a forever restoration. Unfortunately, implants can and do fail. Once implants are placed and restored, good home care and regular dental visits must still be maintained. Along with that, the occlusion must be evaluated and adjusted to balance all occlusal forces.

Maintenance of the implant includes periodontal maintenance with hand and sonic instruments. If inflammation is present you can address this with laser decontamination, oral rinses, antibiotics and occlusal adjustments. If bone loss is present, more aggressive therapy may include osseous surgery and reconstructive or regenerative therapies. The worst case is implant removal and ridge preservation for future therapies.

Summer time safety reminders:

Remember your sun screen. Use a minimum of 30 SPF and reapply often

Wear your bike helmet, bright clothes and attach blinkers to the front and back of the bike to improve your visibility to drivers

Have a swim buddy, never swim alone

Hydrate with non-alcohol beverages

Thanks for all your support. Enjoy your summer! Dr. Nancy Barnett and Staff.

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