• Dr. Nancy A. Barnett

Summer 2017

The rainy season is finally past and we can now enjoy the heat and humidity! While you cool down in your air conditioned offices, here are a few tidbits of information for you and your patients to enjoy:

1. Vitamin D is essential for your teeth as well as your bones. Recent studies have shown that Vit. D deficiency leads to poorer dentin repair. So wear sunscreen while out in the elements and supplement your diet with Vitamin D-3.

2. The laser works well in a non-invasive way via BIOSTIMULATION. This can be applied for TMJ disorders, sore backs, finger joints and any other arthritic issues! The six “I’s” of biostimulation is that is can be applied for anything that is Infected, Inflamed, In Pain, Innervated (parasthesia), Injected, or Itches

3. Another option in laser therapy is the use of light doses for marginal probing depths at maintenance visits or in cases where patients do not want to pursue surgical intervention. Using the laser at the root planing and scaling visits along with occlusal adjustments can improve the periodontal condition. This therapy may take several visits to see improvements.

4. Recent studies are now using the laser for re- treating failing root canals. The idea behind this is bacterial elimination, hemostasis and fibrin formation which leads to faster healing upon retreatment.

5. Neutra sal is a rather new oral rinse that helps stimulate saliva in patients who have severe dry mouth, cancer or radiation side effects and/or rampant decay. This prescription solution can be used up to 10 times per day and is often covered by the patient’s insurance. If not, it can be purchased at a nominal cost.

6. Finally, the secret to perfect teeth is fixing your gums. The best way to maintain healthy gums is to have good oral hygiene, regular recalls, and orthodontic care to minimize tight spaces, eliminate tobacco products and have a healthy diet.

Jolene’s advice: Add denture cleaning tablets to the toilet bowl and tank to remove hard water rings.

Enjoy your summer! Dr. Nancy Barnett and staff

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